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Olá!  Hello!
Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am Rita, a 23 year-old medicine student from Portugal. 

A little more about me:

Any piece of clothing that I like I'll try to make before I buy. I am on a budget but also I like unique pieces that fit me just like I want! So here is my take on Fashion, whether it is pictures and pieces I just feel in love with, those deals that just fit my closet and my own handmade items!
I cook vegan. It is healthy, sustainable and the smart thing to do. But it is also creative! A whole new world of possibilities!
I like to keep active and enjoy new experiences. I believe anything that sharpens my body does the same for my mind. 

This blog is my creative outlet. Here I'll post about the things I am passionate about: Fashion, Crafts and DIY.
Hope it inspires you!

Rita C.

Do you have a question? A personal comment? Or just want to say hello? 
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I'll be glad to hear from you! ;)

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  1. lovely blog ^__^ followed you over from burdastyle and look forward to seeing what you get up too :)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy following me! :)


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